Miss Health Beauty Pageant’s Overview

Bebiem Entertainment, who through field research identified gaps in health care delivery and education particularly in the area of information dissemination on rights and communicable disease transmission in Nigeria, developed the Miss Health Nigeria beauty pageant. The definition of beauty and the role of women in society have evolved with the turn of the century. In Nigeria, Women are known to be cosmopolitan, intelligent, and still stunningly beautiful as they act as the neck that hold the head to the body of the country. Contrary to popular belief a beauty pageant is not focused on promoting the worship and or objectification of its contestants but has a track record of acting as a medium to promote various causes within society. For Example, the Miss World Pageant has been recognized for raising funds to help handicapped and underprivileged children. Miss America is perhaps the most recognized beauty pageant, generating millions from sponsors, and awarded scholarships totaling $340,000 thousand on the national level.



The competition is designed to be one of the country’s leading empowerment programs for young women through the following endeavors:

  • To decrease the level of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among adolescents and youths.
  • To improve information dissemination on health issues through the use of all available media among youth and other community members.
  • Honor traditional Nigerian traits such as honesty, good character, talent, poise, intellect, leadership and good judgment among young Nigerians
  • To Distribute Health Materials to Less Privileged Ones
  • To Enable contestants to serve as role models for other young women with similar goals and characteristics.
  • To Encourage contestants to value personal achievements, creative accomplishments, a healthy lifestyle, and community involvement.
  • To scale up Family Life and Health Education (FLHE) in Nigeria.


Creative team

Nicholas Bebiem

Project Director

Onyeoghani Godfrey


Prince Cyril


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